Saturday, April 7th, 2018.  9:00 a.m. eastern.  Ferdinand State Forest, 6583 E State Road 264, Ferdinand, IN  47532.  Race starts and ends near the beach area.


Registration is $20 and will be available online and in person race day

​Online registration is through RaceSignUp.com

Race day registration can be paid with cash or check.

When registering (either online or race day) please consider an additional donation to the Dubois County Humane Society!


Quite unique to the area, this event is an age/gender handicapped race.  Everyone who participates, whether a seasoned speed-demon or a relaxed jogger, will technically be in direct competition with everyone else.  That's the beauty of a handicap start.  The details of the actual start order are still being calculated, but for instance, if 35-39 year old males are considered to be the fastest group they will start at time 'zero' and all other groups will receive a calculated head start.  So, in that example, 80 and over females will start at 9:00 a.m. and 35-39 males will start at 9:19.  All of the other age/gender combinations will start at specific times in between.  If you disagree with the starting order or headstart times please be understanding.  We will refine the times after we have a few years of finish times from this event.  The data collected to develop the times below is from many regional events of similar distance from the past several years.  The times listed below may very well change before race day, so please just consider it a generalization...

Females 65 and up - 9:00:00                           Males 70 and up - 9:00:45
Females 60-64 -         9:01:00                           Males 65-69 -         9:03:00
Females 55-59 -         9:01:30                           Males 60-64 -         9:04:00
Females 50-54 -         9:01:45                           Males 55-59 -         9:06:45
Females 35-39 -         9:02:00                           Males 50-54 -         9:10:15
Females 30-34 -         9:02:15                           Males 40-44 -         9:10:30
Females 25-29 -         9:02:30                           Males 25-29 -         9:11:30
Females Under 20 -   9:02:45                           Males 45-49 -         9:11:45
Females 40-44 -         9:04:15                           Males Under 20 -   9:12:00
Females 45-49 -         9:05:00                           Males 30-34 -         9:17:30
Females 20-24 -         9:12:15                           Males 20-24 -         9:18:15
                                                                           Males 35-39 -         9:19:00

We must mention; despite a lot of folks having a legitimate shot at a high ranking finish that may not be everyone's motivation which is just fine - this event is all about fun and camaraderie.  Everyone is welcome and should consider this event a must-do!


The course is a hilly 10-kilometer loop with a cumulative ascent of approximately 940 feet.  It will consist of approximately 1 mile of blacktop with the remainder being primarily singletrack trails and a pinch of grass & doubletrack.


There will be one aid station near the midpoint of the race.  It will have refreshments only; Orange Gatorade & Water.


In keeping with the race organizers' principles and reducing the unnecessary junk often generated by these events, as well as wanting to keep things simple just as trail racing should be, this will be a 'recycling event'.  As part of your participation we ask that you bring one prize which can be running related or not.  All prizes will be placed on the prize table for everyone to peruse before the start of the event in order to garner up some motivation in hopes of snagging the item that most catches their eye!

Prizes can be just about anything you're willing to offer up, but please nothing inappropriate or anything that is truly trash and would be a disappointment for whomever goes home with it.  The possibilities are endless, but a few good ideas are a unique race medal, race shirt, baked goods, bottle of wine (provider and recipient must be 21), leg lamp, gift card, etc., etc.....

Ferdy Flyer Trail Run

Challenging 10k on the trails of the Ferdinand State Forest