Challenging 10k on the trails of the Ferdinand State Forest

Ferdy Flyer Trail Run

Do I have to bring a prize?

Well, we're not your parents, so no, we won't punish you for showing up empty-handed.  If you choose to forego participating in the prize table excitement, please be respectful and do not take a prize from the table upon completing the course.  We would hate for one greedy scrooge to cause someone who did keep with the spirit of this event to go home with nothing...

Are you giving out t-shirts?

No t-shirts will be available.  With the unique awards format this is a "recycling event" and we want to keep with the environmentally friendly effort by not contributing to unnecessary newly manufactured items.

If I'm just getting some Gatorade and a hand-me-down where is my registration fee going?

We're glad you asked!  100% of the net proceeds from this event will be going directly to the Dubois County Humane Society to help homeless animals looking for someone to love them and give them a home.  As a matter of fact, the race organizers and so many of those helpless little animals would be ecstatic if you even decided to donate any additional funds you can when registering either online or race day.

Can I walk?

Absolutely!  There are no time restrictions for the course.  You'll get a prize no matter when you finish (as long as you brought one)!

I got injured/sick/bored/lazy, can I transfer my registration to someone else or a future event?

We're very sorry, but no.  Transfers and future credits are not allowed.  If nothing else, you can feel great about donating your registration fee to a wonderful cause!

What's with the name, "Ferdy Flyer"?

It's local history, a great place to eat, and the perfect name for a bunch of folks flying over the hills of the Ferdinand State Forest!

​You see, starting in 1908 the Ferdinand Railroad began running trips back & forth between Ferdinand and Huntingburg with an engine nicknamed The Ferdy Flyer.  The railroad, under several different owners and names, operated for 85 years.  Nowadays the spirit of the Ferdy Flyer lives on in a small diner with the same name located just off of Main Street in Ferdinand.  Looking for a place to re-fuel after tackling the course?  Then head on in to the Ferdy Flyer!